14ost is empty – please go to floatsome

Years back I tried out wordpress and created this 14ost site. Just to stay with my German blog platform. Which is closed by now. So I imported my blog on wordpress. It’s called Floatsome – Berlin postings. Please check there….

About lyart

I let my mind wander and it didn't come back (Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson) Born and raised in rural Styria, Austria, all I ever wanted, was to get away to the next, bigger city. Only ever made it to Berlin, where I have lived the past 20 odd years. As soon as I escaped small town Austria and Jehovas witnessism, aged 18 to live in Graz, I made up this fine plan to first go to London, later New York, maybe Boston. Or maybe first to take Manhattan, then to take Berlin... But I allowed myself to be trapped once more. In an ill-suited marriage. At least, it gave me the opportunity to travel the world, fall in love with Scotland, change my profession from photographer to golf course manager and relocate to Berlin, skipping London and New York. For good, I think. As I have already overstepped half-time, with the big 50 drawing closer by the minute, I realise two facts: 1.) it feels so much better to live at peace with oneself than always fretting over the road not taken 2.) I am a country girl after all, Berlin notwithstanding. Which doesn't stop my mind from wandering at times. This is, where you, the big cyber lot, comes into the picture. Over the years online, I have found it very rewarding to share en route, where my mind takes me to. Hope, the same goes for you... ...and for those who wonder, if the image I chose to represent myself, is actually me: nope, but boy, do I wish it were! It is a painting by my favourite artist, Lita Cabellut.
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